VIDEO: The Best Beach Bar in Antigua


Sometimes it’s about a cocktail, or a personality or a view.

But the greatest test of a beach bar is this: can you spend all day there?

And on that count, Jacqui O’s BeachHouse passes with flying colors.

This beach lounge on Crabbe Hill Beach is the best beach bar in all of Antigua, a well-run, beautiful lounge on one of the most scenic stretches of sand on the island.

And the emphasis is on the word lounge: there is comfortable, luxurious seating, a great wine and cocktail selection and low-key, relaxing music that perfectly fits its environs.

And then there’s the food — a stellar selection of seafood and, our favorite: the spectacular burger.

The only trouble you’ll have is finding the will to leave.

See more in the video at the top of the page.

— CJ