VIDEO: Discovering the Atlantis Hotel in Barbados

Hidden away in the far corners of Barbados, I found Atlantis.

It is no undersea city, no lost civilization. But it is equally wrapped in mystery.

Here, just outside the mystical town of Bathsheba, with its floating boulders and surfing soup bowl, there is a unique hotel, seemingly secreted away from the rest of Barbados and the Caribbean.

This is the Atlantis.

The property has been here in some form for nearly two centuries, a historic inn that has cultivated a rather peculiar personality at the median between the cold waves of New England and the warm froth of the West Indies.

There are just nine lovely rooms in this solar-powered hotel, spread across the main house and a standalone villa, designed with wood and Caribbean colors, rooms that will take you back to the hotel’s 19th century beginnings. There’s a superb restaurant, too, with some of the island’s best flying fish.

And there is something here in the sound of the surf and the clarity of the light that tells you you are in a very special place indeed.

— Alexander Britell

To book a stay at Atlantis Hotel, click here


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