The Best Sandy Places to Stay in the British Virgin Islands

BVI Beach Resorts
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Renowned for sailing, snorkeling and some of the world’s best beach bars, the British Virgin Islands enchant with a string of roughly 60 pieces of Paradise spread across 56 square-miles of Caribbean blue. And even with the closure of venerable beachfronts such as Biras Creek Resort and the temporary shuttering of Rosewood Little Dix Bay for renovations until next December, visitors who opt for a beach-based experience (rather than just cruising through) will still find plenty of seaside places to stay. CJ Travel Editor Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon brings you the best beach hotels in the British Virgin Islands.

Bitter End Beach Resorts

Bitter End Yacht Club, Virgin Gorda You don’t have to be a sailor to enjoy this classic Caribbean resort; yachties and beach bums alike have been flocking to this island institution’s three white-sand strips for decades. This is one of our favorite resorts in the Caribbean, and the best beach resort in the BVI. Book Bitter End Yacht Club.

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