Five Laid-Back Caribbean Hotels For Couples

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What makes the perfect romantic retreat? For us, it’s got to be in an idyllic (Caribbean, of course!) location with sufficient diversions to ensure we don’t get bored but not so many that we lose focus on the real reason we came: each other. But some hotels offer a perfect combination of seclusion and relaxation — they’re laid back while retaining their luxury. Here are five laid-back hotels that are perfect for couples. CJ Travel Editor Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon has the full story.


Le Soleil d’Or On small and sleepy Cayman Brac, this elegant outpost is a great fit for twosomes who want nothing more than to enjoy deserted beaches, chic accommodations, the freshest farm-to-table fare, and each other. Book a stay at Le Soleil d’Or.

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