The 10 Easiest Beaches to Get to in the Caribbean

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“Get me to the beach immediately.” It’s getting to that time of year, when going to the beach isn’t just a luxury — it’s an urgent mission. So we’ve collected a group of beaches that are easiest to get to to make your trip that much more convenient.

And when we say easy to get to, we mean a sufficient number of nonstop flights, a relatively short trip from the airport and, of course, great hotels to stay at and, naturally, a great beach.

We like to call them “nonstop beaches.” You can call them your next trip.


Cable Beach, Nassau, Bahamas

It might the most underrated beach in the Caribbean: Cable Beach, the famous stretch of Nassau coastline with almost impossibly white sand, shimmering turquoise water and a great selection of resorts and hotels, from Sandals Royal Bahamian to Breezes to the Marley Resort.

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