At Royalton Blue Waters, The Perfect Afternoon Cocktail


Celebrating Marley with a special cocktail

I’m in Jamaica, on the beach with Bob Marley.

Alas, it’s not the dearly departed king of reggae himself.

Instead, this Bob Marley is a red, green and gold-colored frozen concoction that Winston, the bartender at Royalton Blue Waters, a new all-inclusive resort in Trelawny, has whipped up for me.

I only checked in a few moments ago but I’ve already found my way past a lazy river, water park and a pair of large pools to the resort’s slice of sand, where the Diamond Club bar presides.

Winston greets me and proffers a cocktail menu listing a procession of libations with temptingly tropical names. But when he suggests making me a Marley, the decision is made. I’m in Jamaica, after all; who better to welcome me to its shores than the island’s most famous ambassador?

Minutes later I’m admiring Winston’s handiwork, presented with a proud flourish and a pineapple garnish. Stripes of frozen daiquiri fill my tumbler – strawberry on the bottom; mango in the middle; and a mango and Blue Curaçao mix making an emerald top layer. The entire thing is topped with a floater of gold rum – Appleton Estate Reserve Blend, of course.

I take a sip and, as the rummy slushy slides down, feel myself instantly relax into the moment. The sun is shining; the weather is sweet. And Bob, no doubt, would approve.


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