The Caribbean’s Unlimited Lobster Restaurant


The only thing better than lobster is, well, more lobster.

That’s definitely the case at Deckers Caribbean Inspired Grille in Grand Cayman, which has cultivated one of the Caribbean’s best-kept culinary secrets.

Every Tuesday and Saturday evening, the Seven Mile Beach institution, famous for its large model double-decker bus on the bar, offers “All You Can Eat Lobster” Night, which serves up unlimited lobster tails.


That’s right — while traditional Caribbean spiny lobster is abundant throughout the region, this is the first eatery we’ve found that offers an all-you-can-eat lobster experience with regularity.

That’s right — unlimited lobster.

And the lobster is terrific — the tails come three or four per plate, served with drawn butter, potato mash and vegetables.

The meat is soft, tender and fresh, and the minute you finish the last tail on a plate, your server arrives with another collection of tails.

Deckers' chefs prepare the food on lobster night.

Deckers’ chefs prepare the food on lobster night.

It’s also joined by your choice of either a caesar salad or lobster bisque.

The only difficulty is knowing when to stop.

We’re still trying to figure that one out.

— CJ