Rum Journal: At Cayman’s Top Wine Shop, a Haven for Rum


It’s the late evening in Grand Cayman, and the rum is flowing.

We’re at a sold-out tasting of Plantation rums, enjoying a seminar on the art of fine rum-making.

That’s because, while it goes without saying that the West Indies Wine Company at the island’s Camana Bay shopping complex is Grand Cayman’s top wine shop — it’s also a great place to find rum.


Indeed, this shop in the beautiful Camana Bay shopping complex famous for its wine selection has a terrific selection of rum, from rhums agricoles like Clement and Saint-James to great molasses-based rums like Abuelo and Zacapa.

We were privileged to attend the tasting this week by Plantation, which takes top-level Caribbean rums, ages them in the Caribbean (in bourbon casks) and then takes them to France to age them in Ferrand cognac casks, making for a rather unique series of rum expressions.

The tasting was led by Plantation’s Vice President, Guillaume Lamy, above, and examined a wide range of Plantation rums (we were rather fond of the Plantation Jamaica 2001 and a pair of rums born in Barbados, the 5 and 20 year editions.)

It’s tastings like these that help spread the gospel of rum — and show the broad quality in the rum world, something appreciated by still too few.

This was just the latest in a series of terrific events at the shop, which has become a hub for tastings of a wide range of spirits, including rum, achieving that rare feat: a place equally popular with both visitors and locals.

The West Indies Wine Company is Mecca in Cayman for all lovers of wine and spirits.

The West Indies Wine Company is Mecca in Cayman for all lovers of wine and spirits.

It’s a must-stop on any trip to the Cayman Islands.

— CJ


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