Rum Journal: A Rum to Try From Grenada


Martinique. Barbados. Guadeloupe. Puerto Rico.

These are some of the titans of Caribbean rum production, hubs for the Noble Spirit, full-fledged destinations for rum.

But there is another island in the Eastern Caribbean with a venerable rum history that remains a bit off the radar for the rum inclined: Grenada.

This tri-island state (along with Carriacou and Petite Martinique) has long been a haven for rum production, led by one of the Caribbean’s oldest distilleries, River Antoine.

Grenadian rums tend to be a bit on the sweet side, unsurprising for spirits hailing from a place known as the Spice Isle and where nutmeg is bountiful.

And the latter is an important point: as you begin to taste the rums of the region, patterns develop; you begin to see how rums of each island can be tasted together, how the soul of an island finds itself into that place’s rum, and you’re soon able to identify the home of a rum based on its flavors.

When it comes to rum in Grenada, Clarke’s Court is the power, having produced rum at the Grenada Sugar Factory since 1937 at its production facility in Woodlands Valley.

You may be most familiar with Grenada Distillers’ Old Grog rum, but the company produces a wide range of rums and flavored rums, from passionfruit to even sorrel rum.

But the company also produces some higher-level varieties, which brings us to this: Clarke’s Court #37 Blend, which gets its name from the date of the company’s founding.


This expression is aged first in oak barrels for eight years, then returned to the barrel for an additional maturation, the company says.

Bottled very nicely with a gold-colored flat top, this aged rum has an aroma of brown sugar and caramel and a golden amber color.

The flavor profile has notes of vanilla, molasses, candied fruit and a kind of sweet, fennel-y, herbal finish.

This isn’t a powerful rum; it’s delicate (very similar in body to a Puerto Rican rum), and served well either neat or on the rocks.

It’s also quite good — and a must for your collection.

— CJ


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