VIDEO: The Best Adults-Only Hotel in Barbados: The House


There’s something rather civilized about sipping a glass of champagne while you’re having breakfast on the beach. It’s moments like these that define the tranquil sophistication of The House, the Elegant Hotels boutique hotel that’s easily the best adults-only hotel in Barbados — and one of the best such properties in all of the Caribbean.

There's a free champagne breakfast included every day at The House.

There’s a free champagne breakfast included every day at The House.

This Platinum Coast standout is the essence of a great boutique hotel: from its loungey atmosphere to its terrific corner bar to the fact that Bajan institution Daphne’s is its house restaurant.


It’s features like its wonderfully comfortable lobby, a luxury living room of sorts that opens up right to the beach. Or the approach to the hotel, filled with torches and a wooden raised bridge. This is somewhere special — and you know the moment you arrive.


The House is all about finding that perfect balance between energy and relaxation, while never conceding the unique elegance that seems to define Barbados’ top hotels. And that’s something worth toasting to.

— CJ

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