Rum Journal: A Pair of Special New Rums from Barbados

Mount Gay

BRIDGETOWN — Barbados’ Mount Gay is among the Caribbean’s venerable rum brands (and the world’s oldest), so when the company launches a rare new expression it’s a special event.

That’s the case with the new limited edition Origin Series: Volume Two, The Copper Stills Collection.

This is the second “volume” of the company’s new Origin Series, which shines a light on the company’s distillation process (the first was a pair of young rums aged in different barrels).

The limited-edition production, which was created by master blender Allen Smith, features two expressions: Copper Pot and Copper Column, and Rum Journal got a first-hand look in Bridgetown at the company’s visitor center.


Each rum consists of 100 percent of each method of distillation: one 100 percent distilled in a copper pot still, the other in a copper column still, then barrel aged or six years.


So what are they like?

First, the Copper Pot, which  has a light aroma of candied fruit, and a flavor profile of citrus peel, banana, almond, pepper and a hint of bourbon.

The finish is dominated by vanilla, with a hint of spice.

This is a flavorful, robust rum.

The Copper Column, however, has a decidedly muted aroma, with a very smooth flavor profile of molasses, brown sugar and caramel, and an oh-so-silky-smooth finish.

They’re both lovely rums, although the bolder Copper Pot expression has more character.

Regardless, this dual-rum box is a must for any rum collector.

In other words, it’s time to make a trip to Barbados to go buy some.

— CJ


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