The Caribbean’s Sexiest Islands

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What makes a destination sexy? Is it the hotels, or the natural environment or even the people? It might be the beaches, or the bays, or the romantic sunsets, or even the aroma in the air. Every island in the Caribbean can boast its own unique appeal, but some have a certain extra sexiness, a kind of pulsing quality that somehow transcends description. These are some of the places in the Caribbean we think are especially sexy right now. Here are the sexiest islands in the Caribbean.

Sexiest Islands

Le Guanahani, the top beach hotel in St. Barth.

St. Barth

It doesn’t get any sexier than St Barth, the jewel of the Caribbean that’s the regions fashion and people watching capital. From the hip beach bars of St Jean to the shopping in Gustavia, this is a flashy destination that lives up to the hype. Your best bet is Le Guanahani or, for a more affordable but equally wonderful option, Le Village.

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