Lobster and Jazz in Barbados

Lobster Alive

A perfect beach. Classic jazz. Giant lobster.

It’s hard to find a better combination of, well, anything, in the Caribbean.

Lobster Alive

This is Lobster Alive, a small beach restaurant on Carlisle Bay in Barbados that is one of the island’s truly great places to eat — and still one of its best-kept secrets.

The recipe is simple, thanks to world-class Caribbean spiny lobster flown in live from the Grenadines by owner Art Taylor.

Lobster Alive

They’re all stored in a large tank in the restaurant for easy viewing.

Lobster Alive

Lobster Salad at Lobster Alive.

The menu has a broad selection of lobster and lobster-inspired dishes, from terrific lobster bisque to lobster thermidor to the signature boiled lobster finished on the barbecue with garlic butter, from small (1.25 lbs) to extra large (2 lbs).

Lobster Alive

The menu is seafood-rich, with delicacies like the conch samosas, above.

And then there’s the jazz, either recorded classics or regular live jazz by local dixieland band VSOP.

Simply put, it hits all the right notes.

— CJ