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Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Is Hot

Antigua and Barbuda Tourism

Antigua and Barbuda tourism is hot and getting hotter.

It’s been a strong year for the country’s tourism, and the numbers continue to improve.

The twin-island Caribbean country reported 200,185 visitors through the end of September, a 9.04 percent increase over the first three quarters of 2015.

More importantly, Antigua and Barbuda has become one of the fastest-growing destinations for visitors from the United States, with 18.71 percent growth through September, or a total of 84,500 visitors so far this year.

That makes the country one of the Caribbean’s hottest destinations, buoyed by new airlift from carriers like JetBlue, the region’s most advanced new airport, ramped up marketing and a series of high-profile investment deals that have raised the country’s image internationally (like, for example, the in-development Paradise Found project by Robert De Niro, who has been serving as one of the country’s special economic envoys).

That’s helped bring attention to what has long been one one of the Caribbean’s higher-end hotel stocks, from all-inclusive resorts like Galley Bay, St. James’s Club and Hermitage Bay to boutique hotels like Blue Waters.

“We are very excited by the incredible growth in US visitors to Antigua and Barbuda that is defying the overall trend of decreasing travelers to the Caribbean,” said Kim Jack Riley, Director of Tourism, USA, Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority. “With over 365 beaches, attractive hotels, resorts and properties to meet every price point, and over 100 dining options to choose from, Antigua and Barbuda has something for everyone looking for their next getaway.”

Antigua and Barbuda Tourism

“Through our strategic outreach and engagement with both consumer and trade, we have ensured that the twin-island nation is top of mind for Americans booking their next vacation and look forward to continuing our predicted trend in double-digit growth,” Jack Riley said.

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