VIDEO: On Shell Beach in Canouan, a Caribbean Fantasy


Finding serenity at Shell Beach, Canouan

By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon
CJ Travel Editor

It’s the quintessential Caribbean cliché. But in a good way. 

Here on Shell Beach, on the southeast side of Canouan in the Grenadines, every Caribbean beach fantasy is being realized all at once, starting with the fact that I have this curvaceous sweep it all to myself. 

As the afternoon sun begins its descent it transforms the water’s surface into molten gold. From my chaise here in the middle of the strand the bay curves protectively around me, and I’m completely content in the embrace of hills carpeted with greenery and snaked with graveled paths. 

Later in the season guests at The Pink Sands Club (which officially opened just last week) will arrive by kayak, boat or golf cart to enjoy this secluded alternative to the marquee white-sand strand at Godahl Beach, where the palatial resort and its clutch of plush villas have pride of place. 

But for now, this quiet curve, where the only sound is the rhythmic rush of waves toward the soft vanilla sand, is all mine. My eyes delight in the curl of waves breaking on the reef and the hazy specter of Petit Martinique in the distance. My skin is soothed by a warm breeze that carries with it the coconut scent of sunscreen and the sweet aroma of watermelon being prepped at the beach bar behind me. 

The moment is truly sublime. And I am truly grateful. 


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