VIDEO: This Caribbean Hotel Has Its Own Secret Island


It’s perhaps the signature resort in Puerto Rico: El Conquistador, A Waldorf Astoria Resort set on the far eastern corner of the island.

But this sprawling hotel, home to a large marina and two resort components (not to mention its famous hill-climbing funicular) has a bit of a secret.

It’s called Palomino Island, and this 100-acre sandy speck might just be the single biggest reason to come to the property.

Accessed by a short ferry ride from El Conquistador’s marina, Palomino is the ultimate tropical island fantasy — sugar-white sand beaches, endless palm trees and even a Don Q rum bar. And because it’s effectively open only to resort guests, you will always be able to find your own private slice of paradise away from even the slightest of crowds.


Yes there’s a rum bar on the beach, naturally.

It’s the greatest perk to staying here — having your own private Caribbean island oasis. See what it’s like in the video above.



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