The Caribbean’s Secret Shark Lab

Shark Lab

Far off in the outer islands of the Bimini archipelago of the Bahamas, there is a secret place.

Here, off the tranquil turquoise coast, a team of researchers spends its days exploring one of the world’s most mysterious — and important creatures.

This is the Bimini Biological Field Station or, as it’s more popularly known, the Sharklab.

First founded by marine biologist Dr. Samuel Gruber in 1990, the Bimini Sharklab has become one of the world’s leading stations studying elasmobranch fish fauna, or sharks and rays.


Bimini is home to a broad population of sharks, from Lemon Sharks to Tiger Sharks to bull sharks to hammerheads.

And thanks to its position at the western fringe of the Great Bahamas Bank, Bimini is a great place to study a wide range of both shallow and deep water sharks.


If you’re a fan of the natural environment, the Sharklab, which is open to visitors who arrange in advance, is a must-stop for any traveler coming to Bimini, as it’s easily accessed by car on the island of South Bimini.

For more information, visit the Bimini Sharklab.


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