Puerto Rico Building New “Duty Free” Pier

Duty Free Pier

Puerto Rico is expanding its cruise port in San Juan with a new “Duty Free” complex.

The $8 million project will be what officials are calling the “most modern and secure building for passengers on a dock in the Caribbean.”

The design includes commercial spaces in a two-story builidng with shopping and entertainment.

Puerto Rico Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla said the port would be “capable of allowing the arrival of a new generation of cruisers with the latest technology.”

The facility is being developed by Duty Free Americas in coordination with Royal Caribbean and the Puerto Rico Ports Authority.

Construction is slated to begin in the coming months, with completion planned in early 2018.

“This new development also represents a cultural opportunity, as the second level will have a space for gallery exhibitions, along with the sale of handicrafts and Puerto Rican products like rums and tobaccos.”


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