The Best Little Curry House in Anguilla


Finding Good Korma in Anguilla

By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon
CJ Travel Editor

It’s billed as the best little curry house in Anguilla.

And by little, they do mean little.

Good Korma, which opened in the village of Blowing Point, has got to be the tiniest eatery I’ve encountered on our Caribbean travels. About the size of a garden shed, the roadside restaurant began as a takeaway when it opened last November, but has since expanded onto the pavement, now boasting a pair of umbrella-topped trestle tables that can seat (gasp!) about a dozen people at a time.

The hand-painted wooden curry house is the brainchild of local Serena Connor, who developed a love of Indian food while living in the U.K. Indeed, she became such good friends with the chef at her favorite Indian that when she asked him to teach her how to cook his native dishes, he said yes. And so, years later, Connor has brought the Sub-Continental skills she learned to this unlikely Caribbean quarter, making from scratch all the sauces (spicy tikka, smooth and creamy korma, and fiery madras) herself.

And, with my eyes closed, I could easily believe I was back at Kahn’s, my own favorite curry spot when I lived in London years ago. The naan was hot, garlicky and pillowy soft; each grain of basmati rice was cooked to firm and shelly perfection; and the chicken tikka and shrimp korma … well, it all added up to an experience that was just as good as Kahn’s, and minus the surly service, to boot.

Lentil and Spinach Curry at Good Korma.

Lentil and Spinach Curry at Good Korma.

Although it’s not in Anguilla’s more touristy areas such as Sandy Ground or the West End, Good Korma enjoys custom not just from locals but also from nearby villa guests, who order when it’s chef’s night off, and from students of the neighboring medical school. And they’ve recently begun selling packaged curries in the deli at J.W. Proctors supermarket in The Valley.

It’s an expansion which, I suppose, makes total sense. After all, you can never have too much Good Korma.

Good Korma is open for lunch and dinner. 264-581-7226