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Rum Journal: Nevis’ Clifton Estate Spiced Rum

From the moment you set your eyes on it, it’s hard not to like Clifton Estate Rum.

The first full-fledged rum produced in Nevis in the modern era (and the brainchild of rum expert Mark Theron) has a clever, playful bottle design in the shape of a barrel that immediately hits an emotional chord.

But this rum is far from just a pretty face.

Clifton Estate is a handmade, small-batch rum that is a blend of two-year old dark rum with natural ingredients; what distinguishes it from most spiced rums is the infusion of orange, which is joined with some honey and what the company says are secret island spices.

So what’s it like?

The 80-proof Clifton Estate Rum has a fragrant aroma of spice that immediately reminds of the Eastern Caribbean; its color is orange-amber.

The flavor profile has notes of orange peel, bitters, nutmeg, black pepper, brown sugar and honey.

It’s a robust rum with power: yes, this is a spiced rum from a small island: but it is serious.

And its spicy, playful character somehow tastes Nevisian.

It’s so good that it passes our ultimate spiced rum test: yes, you can drink it neat or on the rocks.

Simply put, this is already one of the world’s best spiced rums.

— CJ

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