Puerto Rico’s New Eco-Tour Push


Puerto Rico is making a push to offer more new ecological tour options for travelers.

The Puerto Rico Tourism Company, the Puerto Rico Conservation Trust have announced the certification of several of Para La Naturaleza’s tour offerings in Puerto Rico.

This collaboration aims to continue diversifying the island’s offerings within the tourism sector to promote education and conservation on the island, as well as increasing sustainable tourism for both local and international tourists.

“It is an honor for PRTC to endorse this partnership,” said Ingrid Rivera Rocafort, executive director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. “The efforts made towards environmental education within recent years have built a generation that is aware of the importance of conservation. Moving forward we can share this awareness with all visitors on the Island.”

Para La Naturaleza already offers tours in Cabezas de San Juan, Fajardo; Medio Mundo y Daguao, Ceiba; Cañón de San Cristóbal, Barranquitas; Antiguo Acueducto de Río Piedras, San Juan; Casa Ramón Power y Giralt Old San Juan; Hacienda La Esperanza, Manatí; Cueva Encantada, Florida; Cueva Yuyú, Florida; Hacienda Buena Vista, Ponce; and Cueva Convento, located within the municipalities of Guayanilla and Peñuelas.

“We view this partnership as an opportunity to share Para La Naturaleza’s sustainable tourism practices with tourists and the Island’s residents in order to increase their awareness and help with the Island’s environmental conservation efforts,” said San Miguel. “Each activity we offer aims to connect travelers with nature and become educated on Puerto Rico’s ecosystem to help ensure that the percentage of protected natural areas on the Island is 33 percent by 2033.”

Para La Naturaleza aims to unite people with the conservation of natural ecosystems, looking to provide experiences with nature to inspire each person and community to take action, donate time, money or land.

Experiences vary by type of tourism activity such as workshops, volunteer sessions, walks and extreme adventures.

Para La Naturaleza protects more than 50 natural areas and welcomes individuals to its visitor centers at various locations in Puerto Rico.