The Best Places to Buy a Beach House in the Caribbean

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We all dream of living on the beach in the Caribbean. But years of development (and forward-thinking home builders) have made finding the perfect Caribbean beach house an often difficult proposition. Indeed, the vast majority of the best beaches in the Caribbean have either already seen development — or will never see development (the latter for good reason). So finding a place has both great beaches and a surfeit of available beachfront property (built or unbuilt) is a bit more art than science. That’s where we come in, to point you in the direction of places where that magical combination of great beach and beach house opportunity actually exist. These are the best places to Buy a Beach House in the Caribbean.


The Exumas, Bahamas

Drive the main coastal road on the eastern end of Great Exuma and you’ll be amazed at how many available properties you’ll find. Yes, that means beach houses you can buy on some of the most beautiful white-sand beaches in the hemisphere. And thanks to Exuma’s lack of crowds, you can still find some bargains, too. Of course, the Exumas also have a number of private islands on the market (a reason why it’s become such a popular celebrity real estate spot), if you want a beach totally to yourself.

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