Antigua and Barbuda to Develop Geothermal Energy


Antigua and Barbuda has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Thermal Energy Partners for the future production of geothermal energy on the island.

Through this public-private partnership, Antigua’s first geothermal project will utilize Organic Rankine Cycle generation with 10 MW capacity.

“A project like this is consistent with the government’s goals and commitments from COP21 meetings in Paris. This agreement supports Antigua and Barbuda’s transition from high cost fossil fuels towards sustainable energy options and geothermal power will help play an important role toward this effort”, said Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gastone Browne.

Antigua becomes the latest Eastern Caribbean country to begin exploring geothermal energy, a group that includes St Kitts, Nevis, Grenada, Montserrat and St Lucia, among others.

“This is a great step to incorporate base-load renewable energy within our energy mix and it is a great opportunity for Antigua and Barbuda to partner with such a reputable U.S. company,” said Antigua and Barbuda Tourism, Economic Development, Investment and Energy Minister Asot Michael.

“The signing of the agreement today is important for the future production of geothermal power in Antigua and Barbuda and this public, private partnership is a key first step to making this development a reality,” said Daniel K. Pfeffer, President of Thermal Energy Partners.

— Dana Niland, CJ Contributor


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