VIDEO: Finding Infinity at St. Lucia’s Jade Mountain

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This isn’t a hotel.

Everything here, every detail, every room, is a symbol.

St. Lucia’s Jade Mountain, the Caribbean’s most architecturally stunning hotel, the place famous for its three-walled rooms and its infinity pools that look out on the Pitons, isn’t really like any other hotel in the Caribbean.

The minute you depart the welcome shuttle, you feel like you’ve touched down on another planet. This is an otherworldly place, with design you simply won’t find elsewhere.

And then you realize why. Nick Troubetzkoy, who designed this wonder of a place, had a vision for transcendence, a celestial place of never-ending possibility. And while this all sounds hyperbolic, it isn’t — because when you arrive here you see that there is nothing that looks like this. Anywhere.

If you stop for a moment, if you step back, it becomes clear the theme is infinity — and it’s not just the pools.

Jade Mountain

In the rooms, it’s not that there’s a missing fourth wall, but the idea that your room never stops — that your room and that spectacular view are joined and ever-fusing. The exposed pilings on the “bridges” to the rooms hint at future construction — but what they’re really saying is that nothing here is finished — here, there is perpetual possibility.

Jade Mountain

It’s rare to find a hotel like this — a hotel that you begs you to understand it.

And then you realize again — this isn’t a hotel. You’re staying in a work of art.

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