Grenada’s True Blue Has Big Plans

True Blue

A boutique Grenada hotel looks forward

By Andrea Perez
CJ Contributor

True Blue Bay Resort, One of Grenada’s top small hotels, has big plans.

Right now, the focus is on exposing the resort and its brand to an international market, by attending and participating in tourism road shows and other events which might draw potential guests, according to Keisha Smith, the boutique hotel’s reservations and marketing manager.

It’s part of a wider push by Grenada to distinguish itself in the Caribbean’s increasingly competitive tourism market, one that has been paying off in recent years with significantly increased arrival numbers.

True Blue

For True Blue, it’s about offering authenticity, about making guests feel like they are family.

Smith said she also believed that attracting local Caribbean travelers from within the region was also important.

But for Grenada, concerns remain, chief among them the continued high cost of airfare to the island, both from regional and international carriers.

As a result of these complaints, the resort has been lowering its rates to ensure its packages are affordable for most people.

It’s something that simply has to be done to maintain the high influx of bookings to the property, Smith said.