A Must-Visit Food Festival in St Maarten

Fete de la Cuisine

There’s another new reason to visit St Maarten this fall.

The 10th annual Fete de Cuisine will take place in St. Maarten this year from Nov. 6 through Nov. 13.

The half French, half Dutch island offers visitors a diversity of foods and flavors.

They’ll have the chance to sample these different cultural foods during the market “Taste of St. Maarten,” prepared by local chefs on November 11, a national holiday.

The organization has invited several chefs from the Netherlands to participate in the event, during which they will demonstrate their cooking skills at a food and wine pairing event, a five-course grand cocktail and dinner evening and attend a barbecue beach party event with local chefs.

Invited chefs will also engage in social activities with students of the local culinary institute and the youth of St. Maarten.

Part of the proceeds of the week will be donated to an institution for youth education.


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