New Boutique Hotel Breaks Ground in St Lucia

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A new boutique hotel project is now underway in St Lucia.

The $6 million Domaine Resort Development Project held its sod turning ceremony this week, with plans for a total of 20 villas.

The Domaine project is located in the area of Choiseul on St Lucia’s southwestern coast, and could help boost the island’s new government’s plans to push development on the southern portion of St Lucia.

“This really is part of a series of developments, and a way of taking things to the south, and since the establishment of our international airport we are starting to see the true potential of the south of the island begin to materialize,” said Dominic Fedee, St Lucia’s new Tourism Minister. “We begin to see that real potential in its true form. I can’t wait to see this development completed along with the others that are coming on stream that will compliment it very nicely, and finally the people of the south will have there own opportunity to have their claim of a stake in the tourism pie.”

— Caribbean Journal staff


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