The Best Eco-Resort in St Lucia: Fond Doux Plantation

Best Eco-Resort

It’s a unique place, tucked in the rainforest in the hills above Soufriere, Saint Lucia. This is Fond Doux Plantation, a 250-year-old cacao plantation that is one of the best-kept secrets in the Caribbean. This is an eco-resort, a place to experience nature and the vibrant, pulsing energy of Saint Lucia.

The 15-room Fond Doux Plantation & Resort is one of the Caribbean’s greenest hotels, from cooling most of its rooms with hillside breezes to a total emphasis on locally-sourced products (including chocolate made from beans from the on-site plantation). Here, everything is about a sense of place: it’s what makes this the Best Eco-Resort in St Lucia and one of the top eco-resorts in the Caribbean.

This is what it’s like:

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