Barbados Travel Demand Continues to Surge


Travel demand to Barbados is surging, according to the latest numbers from the Expedia group.

Travel demand to Barbados on all Expedia sites grew by nearly 30 percent in the first quarter of 2016, according to the company.

Of that, about 20 percent of all travel demand to Barbados in the same period came on package bookings, the company said, meaning bookings that combine components like flight and hotel.

The United States was the top source market for Barbados, making up 40 percent of all travelers to the island.

The United Kingdom made up 25 percent of all travelers, with Canada at 15 percent.

“Barbados has always been an important Caribbean destination for the Expedia Group. Between our global reach, technology investments and our local market presence, we’ve been able to enhance our ability to effectively serve local partners and support the continued growth of this destination,” said Demetrius Canton, Director of Lodging Partner Services for the Caribbean at Expedia.


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