A Must-Visit Waterfront Restaurant in Antigua

South Point

Falmouth Harbour: it’s one of the Caribbean’s yachting hubs, a Mecca for superyachts the world over, a hub for people-watching, boat-watching and Antiguan food.

And while there are some great eateries around the harbour, the newest on the scene has quickly become a must-visit destination.


This is the boutique hotel called South Point, the most recent addition to Antigua’s room stock and one of the Caribbean’s sleekest new places to stay.

SP Setting

And it’s home to a rather good waterfront restaurant that offers one of the most striking dining vistas on the island.

It’s simply called The Restaurant at South Point, and it’s got a mix of Asian, Caribbean and Mediterranean food, along with its centerpiece: the island’s only waterfront sushi bar.

The sushi bar at South Point

The sushi bar at South Point

The food is quite good (as is the bar), but the story here really is the ambience, offering a cool, relaxing, stunningly beautiful environment.

An "echo tuna roll" at South Point

An “echo tuna roll” at South Point

It’s a must-try if you’re in Antigua.

— CJ


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