A Major New Caribbean Music Venue

Puerto Plata Amphitheater

The Dominican Republic’s tourism hub of Puerto Plata has a major new attraction: the new Puerto Plata Amphitheater.

The theater, which is being described as one of the most advanced in the wider region, has capacity for 4,000 people and stunning ocean views, set next to the Fort San Felilpe.

Puerto Plata Amphitheater

The Puerto Plata Amphitheater has handmade seats and a dark teak color aimed at blending into the local hillside.

“This project and modern amphitheater were designed to incorporate new elements into tourism in the north coast, and Dominican Republic in general,” said Dominican Republic Tourism Minister Francisco Javier Garcia. “Distinct projects such as this help attract a wider range of tourists and enrich their experience while they are in country, encouraging return visits.”

The Puerto Plata Amphitheater, which will reportedly generate 150 direct jobs and 600 indirect jobs, was designed by architect Maribel Villalona.


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