Rum Journal: The 10 Best American Rums – 2016

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More and more people are appreciating the wonder of rum. And in America, more and more people are making rum. Yes, there is something of a rum boom in the United States, hearkening back to the colonial period when the US was a hub of rummaking. While American rum still isn’t quite up to the level of the rums in the Caribbean (with some exceptions), the fact that rum production is surging is only a good thing for the spirit. In Rum Journal’s annual July 4 tradition, we celebrate the best rums made in America. (Note: this list always covers only the 50 US States, not the US’ Caribbean territories). Here is the fourth annual list of the Best Rums in America.


Siesta Key Rum

Troy Roberts’ Sarasota-based distillery is, simply, the best in America right now. His Siesta Key spiced and flavored rums regularly take home top honors in rum competitions, including Rum Journal’s Rum Awards, in which Siesta Key Spiced has won Spiced Rum of the Year every year since 2012. From the classic Spiced to the uber-popular Toasted Coconut, Siesta Key rums are astonishingly good.

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