Grenada to Make New Push for Increased Airlift

Grenada Airlift

Grenada is looking to ramp up airlift to the island.

The country has announced the formation of a new Airlift Committee helmed by former chairman of the Grenada Tourism Authority, Richard Strachan.

Peter Fraser will serve as the deputy chairman of the Airlift Committee.

Other members of the committee include Chairman of the Grenada Tourism Authority Mr. Rodney George, Mrs. Wendy Francette Williams, Sir Royston Hopkin of the Spice Island Beach Resort, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and a representative from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Grenada has seen increased airlift from both American Airlines and new service from JetBlue in recent years, although it still has significant room to grow compared to many of its neighbors.

The new committee will also be responsible for improving inter-island travel, the government said.