A New Way to Taste Bonaire


Some of Bonaire’s top restaurants have banded together to create a new way to taste the island’s booming culinary scene.

It’s called the Bonaire Culinary Passport, and it offers visitors the option of having dinner at three restaurants: Cuba Compagnie, Ingridients Restaurant [sic] and It Rains Fishes.

At each restaurant, guests will get a passport stamp; when the passport is full, it can be handed it at any of the three restaurants in exchange for a typical Bonaire souvenir from The Saltman.


“Bonaire is known in the region for its quality restaurants,” said Maurice Adriaens, director of Tourism Corporation Bonaire. “This is something we as Tourism Corporation Bonaire want to promote much more. The Bonaire Culinary Passport is a great initiative which fits perfectly in our marketing of Bonaire as a culinary surprise.”

The three restaurants range from a taste of Cuba to Mediterranean fare to authentic seafood.


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