Tobago Just Set a Cruise Record


By the Caribbean Journal staff

The island of Tobago had a very “fruitful” cruise season this year, according to Tracy Davidson-Celestine, Tobago’s Secretary of Division of Tourism and Transport.

The season brought around 106,000 cruise passengers, the largest number of passengers to ever visit the island in one season.

Cruise passengers on the island spent an average of $74 per day, according to Davidson-Celestine.

That led to an economic boost of around $7.87 million USD, she said. “I’m pleased that there was a trickle-down effect, and so you find that quite a bit of monies went to the small-man—the maxi and the taxi drivers, the restaurateurs, the craft vendors, the street vendors, those who are renting bicycles, and those who have bars, and so on,” she said.


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