Barbados Travel Demand Is Surging


By the Caribbean Journal staff

Barbados travel demand is surging, according to the latest numbers from global travel giant Expedia.

Travel demand to Barbados on all Expedia sites grew by 35 percent last year compared to 2014, according to the report.

Package bookings that included flights and hotels grew by more than 40 percent.

Within Barbados, the destination of Christ Church saw the biggest increase, with a 55 percent jump, along with St James, that saw a 20 percent jump.

Barbados has been making a major push to draw travelers from the United States, an effort that seems to be paying off: according to Expedia, the US market grew by 60 percent last year, with Canada seeing a 25 percent rise.

The company made the data release on the heels of the Barbados Connect trade event.

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