Five Caribbean Hotels to Visit Right Now

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By Alexander Britell

There are so many different kinds of Caribbean hotels, depending on the time of year, the kind of trip, the budget and the needs of the traveler. But ultimately what we’re always looking for is a hotel with personality, a hotel with a soul. Our latest look at hotels gives you five great options to explore the Caribbean, from hip new city hotels to castaway-style dive resorts at all price points. What do they all have in common? Personality. Here are some hotels to try right now.


Le Guanahani, St Barth

The completion of a four-year, $40 million renovation means this St Barth standout is better than ever, with a terrific beach, a chic air and superb food. It doesn’t get any better than St Barth, and summer here means you have the island all to yourself.

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