The Caribbean’s Richest Countries


What are the richest countries in the Caribbean?

While there are naturally a number of ways to measure wealth — and none is perfect — one measure is to look at a given country’s Gross Domestic Product per capita.

It’s at least a good indicator of the general standard of living in the country, as of course high concentrations of wealth in the hands of a smaller number of people can skew the data.

So we compiled a list of Caribbean countries using data from the last four years from the World Bank’s data center, listed in US dollar equivalents.

While GDP data isn’t available for every territory in the Caribbean, it is available for the vast majority of independent and constituent countries.

So what’s the “wealthiest” country in the Caribbean, according to GDP?

It’s Aruba, with a GDP per capita of $23,353, followed by the Bahamas at $22,217 and Trinidad and Tobago at 21,323.

See the full rankings in the data table below.



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