Rum Journal: Martnique’s Tres Vieux Rhum Dillon

The beautiful thing about rhum agricole is that terroir matters.

Martinique doesn’t use imported ingredients to make its rum, like far too many of its Caribbean neighbors.

That means that every year the same label of rum can taste different, and that different parts of Martinique produce far-different-tasting kinds of rum simply because of their soil.

Depending on what corner of Martinique you’re standing on, you’ll find a different character, whether in the foothills of Mont Pelee or the sands of Tartane.


Rhum Dillon, one of our favorites on the island, often has a lighter, sweeter tone — and it’s often spectacular.

Our latest tasting of this rum made in the outskirts of Fort-de-France is the Tres Vieux Rhum Dillon, with rums aged a minimum of four years in oak barrels.

This has a light amber color, with an aroma of caramel, Sauternes and candied fruit.

The sweet flavor profile is marked by notes of cane, licorice, tropical fruit, pepper and the slightest hint of orange zest.

It’s got a delicate but smooth finish with a hint of white wine.

This is a superb rum, and another great example of why we love the rums of Dillon.

— CJ