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How Expedia Is Helping Caribbean Hotels Talk to Guests

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Expedia wants its hotel partners to talk to its guests.

That’s the plan of its new Expedia PartnerCentral Conversations tool, which is offering the company’s Caribbean hotel partners “better dialogue and engagement” with booked guests.

The new tool “is designed to be an easy to use platform that opens the lines of communication between booked guests and hoteliers via a message centre,” the company says.

Guests can ask a question or submit a special request at the time of booking, or hotels can reach out directly to guests.

“Hoteliers have requested the ability to communicate directly with guests having made a booking across Expedia Group websites,” said Benoit Jolin, VP Global Product at Expedia. “EPC Conversations was developed to answer this need, allowing both the guest and the hotelier to interact with each other, to engage from the moment the reservation is made and create memorable stay experiences.”

The initial rollout of EPC Conversations began in January and will go live for all hotels in the region by the end of February.

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