Bermuda’s Most Dramatic Lobby


When it comes to hotel lobbies, it’s all about the first impression.

And at Bermuda’s Coco Reef, the first impression is dramatic.

Bermuda’s most celebrated lobby has reopened, a “theatrical” lobby that was the brainchild of Coco Reef’s owner, John Jefferis, whose dream was to “create the most dramatic hotel lobby in the region.”

The lobby includes a 68-foot atrium and a central marble fountain, along with four huge arched mirrors and a cornucopia of artifacts from around the world, from Louis XIV sideboards to antique clocks to Grecian urns.

The lobby also features 70 chandeliers and sconces of crystal and gold.

“I believe you should impress guests with drama,” Jefferis says. “I have always said that the hotel business is theater; I have set the stage here and put in all the scenery and background. The staff are the actors, some will have major roles, others will be stars. Altogether they make the production and ensure our success, which will be proven by the number of people who return to visit the hotel again.”

The lobby’s transformation began more than 12 years ago when Jefferis took over the hotel, launching a $14.7 million renovation of the wider hotel.

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