The Best Sunset Cruise in St Croix


By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon
CJ Travel Editor

So you’ve been to St. Croix and watched the sun rise at Point Udall, the easternmost spot on the island and in the entire United States. Nothing can top that, right?


On a trip to the island last month, I had the privilege of not only seeing the sunrise in the east, but also watching the new moon ascend that same night in Frederiksted, on St. Croix’s western tip. Better still: I didn’t have to content myself with seeing the spectacle from land. Instead I joined Lyric Sails’ new moon cruise and witnessed the monthly miracle from the sea.

Jolly Mon, Lyric’s 63-foot catamaran, was our transport for the evening, taking us from Frederiksted’s pier.

Formerly owned by a Key West drug smuggler; seized by the US government; sold at auction; and eventually ending up in the US Virgin Islands, the 49-passenger craft has had quite a journey. But certainly not as magical as ours turned out to be that evening.

Photos by Kelly Greer Photography

Photos by Kelly Greer Photography

Casting off under a sky streaked with orange, we set sail toward the horizon. Bottomless rum punch, lubricated conversation between both friends and strangers. But what really added charm to the moment was the live band on board (there’s a reason why the outfit is called Lyric Sails; every cruise features live music).

As the sun descended it was the evocative strains from Marisol Y Los Drunk Dumplings that enchanted us just as much as the rapidly blackening sky.

As night fell and a million pinpoints of light appeared like fiber-optic lights through an inky scrim, we couldn’t help but feel the magic. And as the glowing amber orb of the moon rose in the sky and signaled the start of a new lunar cycle, I know I wasn’t the only one who hoped it would also herald a fresh start for those of us lucky enough to witness it in this extraordinary way.

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