Guyana Readies National Tourism Policy


By Dana Niland
CJ Contributor

Guyana’s draft National Tourism Policy is almost ready to become a public document.

Director General of the Ministry of Tourism Donald Sinclair said that relevant stakeholders are “currently reviewing” the document and sending in feedback and responses which will be reviewed to make amendments where necessary.

“Interestingly, cruise visits and yachting are a part of this National Tourism Policy because we recognize that those are growth areas for us,” said Sinclair. “So as soon as we get the feedback, it becomes a public document that we will be using to drive our tourism plans.”

President of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana Shaun McGrath said that 57 of the association’s members have already sent their feedback on the draft NTP to the Tourism Ministry.

Guyana has been using this new branding for several years

Guyana has been using this new branding for several years

The NTP will address legislation and regulations towards promoting tourism in Guyana, with regard to concessions, operations, infrastructure, human resource development and promoting specific niche markets, among other areas.

Minister of Public Telecommunication Catherine Hughes said that the NTP will also work to emphasize the role of tourism in providing jobs and boosting economic growth throughout Guyana.

“Within the tourism policy, we re-define Guyana as ‘Guyana, South America Undiscovered,’ and tied into that is the beauty of our rainforest, our savannah, our adventure tourism, our leisure tourism,” Hughes said.

Guyana has already been using that branding in its promotional marketing this year.

She added that hiking, sports fishing and sports tourism – including fishing and yachting – are also accounted for in the NTP, along with motor racing entertainment and cultural tourism.