Five Beach Towns to Retire to

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For some, the ultimate retirement in the islands is in a far-off place with just palm trees, sand and water. But for others, it’s about finding a community. But the Caribbean makes it possible to find both: the bucolic, idyllic beach you want, with a built-in community. That’s where the Caribbean’s beach towns come in. Now, when we say beach town, we don’t mean houses on the beach, or resorts on the beach. We mean a proper town – with schools, stores, places of worship, restaurants and the like. They’re usually not big, but that’s part of their charm. But they do have a thriving. energetic center, right on the beach. These are some great beach towns to retire to in the islands.


Deshaies, Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe is an archipelago with two “main” islands and a number of smaller islets. But its large, lush Basse-Terre is perfect for a quiet but rich retirement. The centerpiece? The beach town of Deshaies, a hidden gem that’s equal parts fishing village and foodie destination. Long a well-kept secret for sailors, this town, centered around a bustling main street is surrounded by rainforest, meaning you can find the perfect villa in the hills with a view of the sea, too.

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