Heineken Takes Over Management of Jamaica’s Red Stripe


Heineken has officially taken over management of Jamaica’s Red Stripe Beer.

The move will also mean the repatriation of Red Stripe production to Jamaica, with Desnoes and Geddes Ltd starting that process by the end of this year.

Heineken acquired a controlling stake in D&G last October.

“Heineken is the leader in upscale beer and cider because our products are rooted in traditions that translate to exceptional taste,” said Ronald den Elzen, President and CEO of HEINEKEN USA. “We love the Jamaican culture and want to reinvigorate the brand and the iconic stubby bottle by bringing the production of Red Stripe back to Jamaica where it came to life nearly 90 years ago.”

The company said the move was part of a larger plan to “catapult Red Stripe to a truly global brand within the HEINEKEN portfolio.”

— CJ Staff