This Is Your Next Villa in Montserrat

lime tree cottage

Some islands are perfect for hotel stays — but some are made for villa vacations.

Montserrat definitely falls into the latter category, with a small hotel stock but a rich collection of private villas.

And the Caribbean’s “Emerald Isle” isn’t just home to some lovely villas — it’s home to some decidedly affordable ones, too, with rates that work out to less than the per-night cost of many hotels.

lime tree 3

One of the island’s most stylish villas is the Lime Tree Cottage, a high-design but low-stress outpost with a pool overlooking the sea.

The cottage, which has views of both the sea and the island’s famous volcano, has two bedrooms on two levels, along with patio dining and a grill.

lime tree cottage

The house is designed with an indoor-outdoor concept, meaning the sights and sounds of Montserrat are woven into your daily routine.

The best part? Prices start at just $1,200 per week.


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