The Best Conch Chowder in Bimini


If you drive along the main road in North Bimini, you’ll see conch shack after conch shack, veritable PhDs in conchology making the island’s specialty, conch salad.

But if you turn off the road into Chef Pierre’s place in Bailey Town, you’ll find something else: conch chowder.

This tiny eatery-delicatessen is a small one-room operation with a secret: it’s home to what is almost certainly the best conch chowder in Bimini.


And better yet, there are two options: white and red; the white, a New England clam-chowder style white soup with a refreshing green-herb accent, or the red, a peppery, tomato-based chowder filled with conch and fire.

They’re both superb, and they both make J&T’s Daily Manna Delicatessen a must-visit in Bimini.

— CJ


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