In Jamaica, A Renewed Focus on the Blue Mountains


An exhibition on the Blue and John Crow Mountains opened last week at the library of the African Caribbean Institute of Jamaica/Jamaica Memory Bank in the Kingston Mall.

The exhibition, entitled “Celebrating the BJCM– Jamaica’s First World Heritage Site,” will be open to the public through the end of March.

Director of the ACIJ/JMB Bernard Jankee said that the exhibition is part of a public education program, in celebration of the inscription of the Blue and John Crow Mountains on the UNESCO World Heritage List of Sites.

“Because of this important inscription, we thought that we would use the opportunity during the month of February to promote the Blue and John Crow Mountains as our first world heritage site,” he said.

“We have on display some of the plants and animals that are found in this area, which is what made the inscription possible.”

In addition to the exhibition, Jankee added that the ACIJ/JMB will hold a series of lectures on the mountain range, and that the speakers and dates for these will be confirmed shortly.

The presentations will focus on the value of the the Blue and John Crow Mountains to the region.

“This means that it is recognized for its outstanding universal value, both in terms of the plants and animals of the area, the physical environment and the tangible cultural heritage.”

— Dana Niland

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