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A New Pop-Up Hotel in Bonaire

boon house bonaire

Bonaire has a new place to stay — for now.

Piet Boon Bonaire, a villa portfolio on the island, has launched a new pop-up bed and breakfast concept called The Boon House.

As part of the project, Piet Boon is transforming the rooms of its design villa, which are normally available for rent only as a villa, into a “unique bed and breakfast with matching high end service.”


The pop-up hotel will last from March 1 to September 1 of this year.

The villas of The Boon House, which were designed by Studio Piet Boon, were inspired by the island’s traditional cunucu huts.

“Bonaire is the image you see when you close your eyes and dream of the Caribbean,” said Kim Alderden, owner of Piet Boon Bonaire. “The Boon House concept gives people the opportunity to experience the Studio Piet Boon design themselves.”

boon house bonaire hotel

The Boon House has also collaborated with a selection of artists and local artisans, including Dutch artist Sella Molenaar, who created the illustrations in the rooms.

Prices per night start at $165 including breakfast.

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