The 11 Best Caribbean Islands for Sailing, Yachting and Boating

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We have often said, to really understand an island you must go out in a boat and look back. Boating and Islands just go together — to really see a place and know a place you must get away from it. It gives perspective to size, topography and foliage, and when you go to land, you really explore what makes an island tick. Just ask any pirate. The best part of any island are the hidden beaches, protected coves, tiny villages and little beach bars often unreachable other than by boat. There are countless special places only boaters know about and only boaters can get to, whether on a yacht, a sailboat or a pleasure boat. These are the best Caribbean islands for boating.



Because of its proximity to South Florida, it’s easy to take your boat here, whether on your own or with flotillas of boats — and once you get here,  there are 700 islands to choose from, from the Abacos chain to Eleuthera to the Exumas. This is boating paradise. If you come here without a boat, you’re not seeing the whole Bahamas.

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